Cyprus Looks to education as new life calls at Post-Expo Shanghai 2010

The first part in an on-going series explains to us plans from the European Union with relations to the Union member state pavilions at the Expo. Published at Eu @ Shanghai 2010

Shanghai Expo - Cyprus Pavilion
The Cyprus pavilion is currently reviewing plans that could potentially see the interior exhibits and construction materials both donated to a bilingual school in China, a move that ensures an afterlife for the pavilion and that future generations of Chinese can learn more about the country.

While the decision is not final, the opportunity for Cyprus to become part of a school along with about 10 other pavilions from the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, according to the non-governmental organization that is currently seeking pavilions to donate exhibitions, is indicative of a country where education about Cyprus was the backbone to its presence in Shanghai over the past six months.

“The point is not to have the pavilions go to waste, and as one of our themes was to educate people about Cyprus, the idea of the pavilion ending up in a school, to continue informing people about our country makes this whole event even more successful,” said Daphne Hutagalung, executive director for the Cyprus pavilion. According to Hutagalung, a decision about the pavilion’s future will be reached before Oct. 31.

Located in the European joint pavilion zone of the Expo, the Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria pavilions used the Expo as an opportunity to provide basic knowledge to the mainly Chinese visitors who might not have been as informed about the three European Union member state countries.

Cyprus Looks to Expo Afterlife | EU @ Shanghai 2010


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