Culture and networking delight at EIBTM 2010 for Cyprus Tourism

A great day for delight in Travel and Tourism of Cyprus

2010.12.02 – EIBTM, Barcelona. Tourism professionals cast their most enchanting spells in Barcelona for the coming year 2011.
Tourism professionals rise to the challenge for 2011By enchantment, the report from the eibtm 2010, reffers to the magic personal spell cast by those travel and tourism professionals that DelightHaving the privilege to be in Barcelona yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to meet and observe Cyprus’exhbited their upmost talent catering to the best professionals of the Meetings and incentives sector.

A far cry from the turbulence of the economic woes of the sector, the team representing Cyprus this year, breathed and projected professionalism through its people and their capacity for collaboration in an open space.
Read the account of Naturally Cyprus editorial staff getting first hand feel and interest in the evolution of personal and professional relationships as they unraveled themselves in an environment of professionalism and enhanced business relations.Commandaria wine, a socializer for enhaced meetings

As professionals representatives from Cyprus Tourism spoke with optimism, confirming positive desire by people wanting to network, “even on the first day of the exhibition, where lots of people canceled due to Airline blockage by the snow storm, my agenda was full of meetings”. Of course with Commandaria wine on hand, meetings and networking made it for an ideal socializer.

With the year closing, we wish to take note of this event as a clear message of how professionals in Cyprus will rise to the challenge of improving and exploring enhanced services for clients and doing so beyond the impediments with which the sector is facing for the new season in 2011. We wish them the best of luck and perseverance.

The article illustrates positive expressions with graphic and visuals from the Event celebrated in Barcelona, you may read on the full article at the following link below:
Enchantment for Cyprus by Tourism and trade professionals – Blogging Cyprus Tourism


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