The future takes shape in Cyprus at the Hubert Curien Memorial Lecture

Get infected by the transforming views of how our universe is being shaped by knowledge.

shape of the future in cyprusInspired by one of the founders of the European Science Foundation, The Hubert Curien Memorial Lecture was* to be held in Cyprus and with key theme ‘The shape of Tomorrow’.

It’s a privilege to have the director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina or aktabat al-Iskandarīyah,  to extend intellectual bridges of knowledge and understanding into the future.

Prof. Serageldin, invited by the Cyprus Institute, will impart a lecture on the changing nature of the structure of knowledge and inter-generational communication is being affected across countries. In his own words, he believes that humanity lies at the verge of,

“a profound transformation of how knowledge is structured, accessed, manipulated and understood, how it is added to, and how it is displayed and communicated, that is the most profound transformation in the history of humanity since the invention of writing.”

The lecture will serve to examine the distinctive aspects of  transformation with concrete implications institutions involved with learning,  research and supporting institutions of knowledge such as museums, libraries and archives.

As chair of the different boards of the library’s affiliated research institutes and museums and International Chair of Savoirs contre pauvreté (Knowledge Against Poverty), as well as his advising role to different international academic, research, scientific institutions, which includes the Institut d’Egypte (Egyptian Academy of Science), TWAS (The Academy for Sciences for the Developing World), the Indian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts;  Prof. Serageldin, is bound to infect his audience by the excitement of the times, and the fantastic explorations that will transform forever our views of ourselves and the universe that surrounds us.

Event Organizer: Cyprus Institute
*Date: (Lecture was postponed by events and liberation of Egypt)


Alexandria, 08 February 2011 — Speaking with CNN’s Nic Robertson, Serageldin described how opponents and supporters in Egypt’s protests, together with the BA staff, joined hands in protecting the Library. Walking with Robertson through the Library hallways, pointing out the treasures, old and new, he told how all this had been at the mercy of the crowd, and how Egypt’s youth, armed only with moral power, saved the Library from rampage. Asked where he had been amidst the turmoil, Serageldin replied he was at the Library everyday.
See the video: Cnn interview and visit to the museum


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