Ode to Jules Verne for more creativity in entrepreneurship

Age-old values revisited as a new guide for encouraging Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship for new valuesAs we face global concerns and unresolved geopolitical matters, the world cries out for a new type of leadership.

We’ve inspired ourselves in  the recent declarations showcasing the latest business and scientific awards to Cyprus entrepreneurship and the challenge for the current establishment in finding new ways of stimulating cultural change in Cyprus.

It is made evident that enterprises, administrations, associations and civil society as a whole are facing difficulties in connecting with younger generations and in doing so may be focusing on a style of leadership that fails at inspiring different abilities and values required to open new perspectives for young generations that may want to consider entrepreneurship as a means of looking ahead.

In most instances, it isn’t clear that we are properly setting the framework for connecting with success, but most importantly, are we mistaken in looking at skill sets that are too comfortable?

Should we not be instead boldly confronting the how and the what behind the development of skills? Should we not be looking for skills that, although may ‘rock one’s traditional boat’ will actually help with personal development and a rethinking of our own cultural and societal biases.

  • True Openness
  • Ability to question and ask questions
  • Making new connections, new combinations and relationships
  • Ability to risk and experiment
  • Tolerance to ambiguity and diversity
  • Working outside the comfort zone

One realizes that this is a big challenge. And for many, it means moving away from predictability,  to embrace variation, and to build a capacity to function well outside one’s comfort zone.  This is made so that we can generate new ideas and solutions to the challenges that will flourish as a result of the post-crisis.

In remembering the 183rd anniversary of the birth of Jules Verne – we have an age-old example of how to start – Think extraordinary and use creativity.

Inspired by
Patrick. D. Heuchene, working for Cyprus Tourism at the etourism cluster intiative and Dr. Ali Dastmalchian is dean of the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria.
The Victoria Times Colonist
Entrepreneurs will need new outlook
and Google Inc.


About Cyprus.Diversecity

Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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