Spotlight on Cultural Cyprus conquest of public space

Save Dasoudi in LimassolThe story of Dasoudi and reclaiming it for Limassol and to ordinary citizens. That was the message of the event held at noon in this room, which was intended to prevent and plans to build new two-storey building facilities and parking.
This event gave them the hundreds of Limassol, ordinary citizens of all ages. Young and old, who sought to convert Dasoudi at a popular beach and not tsimentothei. Attending the event were MPs from all parties, as well as interest rate environment commissioner.
Speaking to attendees,, the Environment Commissioner, who has undertaken a public presentation of plans by next week, explained the rights given by the EU citizens on environmental issues and urged them to continue this fight, stating his opposition to any projects.

Aims of the citizen movement in Limassol, an independent and spontaneous group of citizens, which requires a peaceful manner:
-The protection of green space in Dasoudi
-The assurance of public space and utilities
-The promotion and implementation of open, democratic and transparent procedures for public consultation with respect to our environmental and social rights.

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About Cyprus.Diversecity

Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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