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A seafaring Limassol jumps ahead to make you smile with its Branding Project

Limassol Branding project crowd sources it’s research and opens it up to the citizens of Limassol Soon to make it your shelf, the Limassol branding project, was unveiled yesteday at the Fourseasons hotel in the seafront of Limassol. The team … Continue reading

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At the heart of the disconnect in the union of the Mediterranean

A few days ago, we wrote about the excitement of being able to follow the Mediterraid Initiative in it’s 16 country tour exploring the influence of virtual communications and connecting locally with urban realities around the Mediterranean. As a trip of cultural exploration around … Continue reading

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Inverting energy destinies of cities

The construction and urban culture of the Mediterranean has at least two constants precious: the flat roofs of buildings and dense compactness of the city. The urban fabric of city centers, suburbs of speculation, the squatter settlements, often have these … Continue reading

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