Inverting energy destinies of cities

The construction and urban culture of the Mediterranean has at least two constants precious: the flat roofs of buildings and dense compactness of the city. The urban fabric of city centers, suburbs of speculation, the squatter settlements, often have these two qualities. The proposal to use these elements as assets for eco-sustainability is what Mediterranean Waterfront wishes to transform in mediterranean cities.

As Mediterranean Waterfront engages in its exploration phase in 2011, Mediterraid was chosen as partner. The Association has since 2006 performed regularly around the Mediterranean by land drive to promote good relations between the nations of the Mediterranean. The 16 city tour of the mediterranean will seek to engage with people in the squares, streets and courts in neighborhoods that were previously selected for their features for the regeneration project whose aims will be to echo the Cluster Cooperation Mediterranean Waterfront and research centers to local stakeholders, but above all to experience a first approach to the people, to know the reality of the local population and illustrate the possibilities of regeneration of their neighborhoods. The most important aspect of the initiative will be just the activation of a network of places and people continue to live during and after two months (June-July 2011) that lie ahead, becoming the center of a real project already glocal Web Design and began Aided Reverse Engineering of Urban, able to turn transform a street of Mediterranean eco-sustainability.

A vision that is to transform interferences between systems into synergies

Mediterranean Waterfront is an Eco Cluster Cooperation that offers a concrete vision to work for the future of Mediterranean cities and the regeneration of suburbs.MW started first than political changes ongoing, the new focus and hope of rebirth socio-cultural gave us an unexpected media interest, in synergy with many other urban emergencies. It proposes to challenge a new frontier where high population density becomes a resource. Starting from here a reverse engineering can open the covertibility of the existing. This vision transform interferences between systems into synergies.

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Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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