A seafaring Limassol jumps ahead to make you smile with its Branding Project

Limassol Branding project crowd sources it’s research and opens it up to the citizens of Limassol


Limassol Branding Project makes it to your shelf

Soon to make it your shelf, the Limassol branding project, was unveiled yesteday at the Fourseasons hotel in the seafront of Limassol.

The team lead by Limassol Branding Project LTD, have made extensive their invitation to the residents of Limassol to express themselves and enrich the meaning about what Limassol represents to them.

The promoters of the initiative that counts with institutional support believes strongly that the single act of sharing may enable and activate the process of building up a common future to establish Limassol reference city of delight  in the Mediterranean.

Unlike other promotional initiatives linked to destination marketing, the Project who’s aim is to define the identity of Limassol for the 21st century, has embedded civic responsibility into the project.  Rightly so, it welcomes people to find in this exercise a valid means to project one’s desires and hopes to enrich the future design strategy that will craft and make tangible the identity of Limassol.

Limassol's bold start, is at sea

For an Inclusive territory

Your invitation to experience

humanizing the limassol branding project

A benefit for our social humanity

About the Limassol Branding Project:

A self-funded initiative as The Limassol Branding Project was initiated by Spyros Spyrou, joined by six other Limassol business leaders – Peter G. Economides, Costas Galatariotis, Michael Loizides, Christos Mouskis, Philippos Philis and Michael Virarti – under the umbrella of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce. It has the full support of the various municipalities and communities that make up the Greater Limassol area, as well as the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, and the Limassol Tourism Development Company. www.limassolbranding.com | Limassol community page


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