The Entrepreneurs on an Agenda for the #Cy2012Eu is a story about red Tape in Cyprus and struggles with opening new business. From your perspective and with your experience, how do think Europe can help before an Entrepreneur’s enthusiasm, energy and money run out?

Is this the example of administrative agility we would like to demonstrate as we take up the #Cy2012eu stage?

Are we economically so comfortable that people should be deprived of rural development, diversified production and enriching of consumer tastes?

How can we help?

Open Cyprus in Europe

Aphrodite Rock Brewing Company in CyprusThe Entrepreneurs that did not fit into the #Cy2012eu Agenda is the story we picked up recently about entrepreneurs in Cyprus struggling with opening new businesses and fighting against excessive red tape by administrations overtaken by approval and unclear license processes.

Microbreweries are hardly a novelty these days, and for more than a good 30 years,  their installations has spread at all corners of the world, to a point that actually thought it, as a business concept that would be in decline, but not in Cyprus!! 750.000 Euros later, the last resort attempt by the entreprising family, after 2 years awaiting permits, demonstrates that we live in times of certain unreasoning.

Aphrodite Rock Brewery Cluster signature mapJust as the online petition has been gaining supporters, (707 potential clients)  it would be logical to ask  what will an online petition achieve, beyond asking for Governmental benevolence?

And  actually, is using mass media an adequate tool for forcing decision-making?

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About Cyprus.Diversecity

Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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