Perceptions of Cyprus by travelling artists – a Lecture

A fascinating survey of Cyprus during the eighteenth, nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries offers the background  for a unique lecture bringing together the Turkish Cypriot Association of University Women and the Costas and Rita Severis Foundation  for a unique view of a country as seen through the eyes of artists and travellers, a excellent common ground for analysis of perceptions through history.

Travelling Artists in Cyprus 1700-1960

The lecture offered by Dr. Rita Severis herself,  is based on the Book Travelling Artists in Cyprus 1700-1960 which is a copilation  over 350 works which are for the first time presented, pertaining to two periods of the history of Cyprus, those of Ottoman and British rule. The book also looks at the perception of the island, once a French, Ottoman and British colony, in relation to those of neighbouring countries such as Greece and Malta.

Rita C. Severis studied Philosophy, Journalism and History of Art (Ph.D.). She has curated a number of exhibitions and her publications include In the Footsteps of WomenPeregrinations in Cyprus (the Popular Bank and Leventis Museum Publications) and Along the Most Beautiful of the WorldEdmond Duthoit and Cyprus (Bank of Cyprus Publications.)

For more information:

The Ataturk Cultural Centre, Nicosia – Wednesday 19th December at  Tel. 00905.428635676.  The lecture will be offered in English with translations in Turkish.


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Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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