Symbols of Reconciliation in Kyrenia

Update 8/5
It took 39 years…but at last the church was ready. For years both Turkish and Greek Cypriot Kyrenians were dreaming of the reunion with plenty of Kyrenian spirit and humor! The date was chosen and everyone worked hard from both sides……and suddenly the denial!!! so painful and disappointment as deep as the Kyrenian blue sea. Perhaps a lesson for both sides….we have to try much harder, will do!! Glafkos Kariolou
A reconciliation vesper is programmed to take place in the city of Kyrenia next 6th of May 2013. Embraced as an opportunity for citizen-led initiative to reconcile with neighbors and neighborhoods in the ever pending wait for a return from exile.
glafkos kariolou mayor of the municipality of Kyrenia in ExileGlafkos Kariolou (pictured left), is current mayor of the city of Kyrenia in exile and has subscribed to the idea supported by it’s citizens.
The petition comes at a timely moment at the end of the term of Cyprus Presidency  following advances in human rights discussions, which however for Kyrenia and other towns which have been occupied since 1974 – no clarity can be seen as to the possibilities for an effective allowance to  return. Although symbolically it would be for a church service and a chance to share typical festive sweets of easter – the logistics involved will prove to be challenging.
The petition which requires authorization by the UNFICYP has already been circulated among different entities for support. This idea of a ‘Vesper’ or an “evening for reflection”  has attracted support from different corners of Europe – a long awaited neglect to be remedied in 2013?
Only Time  and dedication will tell.
In the meantime and until preparations follow their course – we would like to add ourselves to the courageous call of Angelika Werthmann’s in her 1m speech for the European Parliament to also address the issue in the evident effort for reconciliation made by Kyrenians. Just as other citizens may be urging for reconciliation for Cyprus in other parts of the world

Reconciliation calls for Cyprus and support that reach beyond ethnicity, religion and creed – it’s an appeal for basic human rights and human sense.


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Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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3 Responses to Symbols of Reconciliation in Kyrenia

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  2. patrickdh says:

    The impossibility to celebrate the Kyrenia Vesper can be seen as step back further in time when so much progress was being achieved – May the words of Mayor Glafkos Kariolou’s reassure the disheartened, that the deep blue sea of Kyrenia will forever continue to inspire spirits and good will for reconciliation.

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