Charalampos Theopemptou with new mandate for the environment


One of the most committed persons to the environment in Cyprus  joins as of today the ranks of citizens that defend the value of social responsibility and effective action in defense of the environment and sustainability in Cyprus.

Beyond official titles and mandates, the enormous dedication in his past term as commissioner of the environment, Pambos Theopemptou, has made it evident that the pressing needs in Cyprus required more resources for increased effectiveness.  It would be an error today to believe that a resourceful office of the commissioner for the environment with a capable Ms. Ioanna Panayiotou at it’s helm, is going to be able to fill the void.  Theopemptou’s digital mastery and human ability to connect with different stakeholders, has made made him indispensable and valuable asset to our society for his numerous contributions. We are hopeful that Mr. Theopemptou will manage to capitalize all his past efforts.

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