Ancient Cypriot art in Leeds

I have previously mentioned the intriguingly brief account in the 1920/21 report of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society of a gift to the Society’s Museum:

‘By the late Miss F.L. Stott, per Mrs M. Smith, Headingley: several Greek polychrome Lekythi, two-handled Vase, two-handled Cup, one-handled Skyphos, an Aryballos from Cyprus and several Egyptian bronze Figures, three Greek terra-cotta lamps.’

It is now difficult to securely identify these items in the current Leeds City Museum collection, but the Greek lekythoi are still extant, and so is the aryballos from Cyprus. Dating from the 6th century BC, it is beautifully decorated with a frieze of warriors, a relatively common design. The warriors are barely visible behind their large, round shields, the shape of which mirrors the compact rotundity of the aryballos, which would probably have been used for expensive perfumed oil. It is of Corinthian ware, so made in Greece rather…

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