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Good news never comes alone

Originally posted on Travel Freely:
Warmth, Generosity and Hospitality Yes, you’ve guested it. Easter in Cyprus. And there isn’t any other season, no other singular event  which embodies better these 3 ingredients for those vital and indispensable moments of bliss. We live…

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Remembering Sylvie’s passage across the Green line 10 years ago

A personal account and first hand witness of the days when the border crossings opened the possibility for renewing with a lost territory. Sylvie participates in the preparations and rush to cross the border with her local friends 10 years ago. The Beginning … Continue reading

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Meet me half way in Larnaka on the International Day of Monuments

Originally posted on Travel Freely:
Do you know how the inside of the Larnaka Medieval Castle looks like? Have you ever visited the ancient Kition or perhaps some of the archaeological treasures in the region such as Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement,…

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The desire to meet you halfway in creating vital experiences

The Echo can be heard but it’s quite another reading freshly pressed account of vitality from a return visit to Cyprus. Emma French Returns from Cyprus and admits “of course, there are purely pragmatic reasons to head to Cyprus. The … Continue reading

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Diamantis – The world of Cyprus is here to stay

The permanent exhibition returns to stay at the Leventis Museum in Nicosia. After 37 years and many miles, “The World of Cyprus” Ο Κόσμος της Κύπρου by Adamantios Diamantis returns permanently in Cyprus.  Here ends one chapter and begin another. It … Continue reading

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The female face of sustainable development

Originally posted on European Parliamentary Research Service Blog:
Whilst gender equality is an objective of sustainable development in its own right, it is also said to be one of the key enablers of sustainable economic growth and the Green Economy.…

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#Cyprus social mentions surpass the 1.000.000 mark in the eye of the storm

It’s to be thankful for the rock solid foundations of the island of Cyprus as it stood firm in the eye of the storm on Twitter last fortnight. It’s undeniable that the most reliable medium and the most adapted for … Continue reading

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