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The link between Prehistoric and Early Greek Art made accessible through links of esteem, interest and value.

Ancient Cypriot art in Leeds

I have previously written about the Cypriot jug owned by Mr Joseph Hall of Kirkstall, and given to the Museum in 1957 by his daughter, Mrs Ethel Stott (as far as I know, no relation to Miss F.L. Stott).

This jug came with a copy of a letter from its previous owner, whom I have now identified as Mr William Henry Verity (1841-1911). His father, Matthew Verity, was a cloth manufacturer, and William followed him into the business. When Matthew Verity died in 1877, he left his sons shares in the Victoria Mill – a ‘scribbling’ (carding) mill in Bramley – and stalls in the Coloured Cloth Hall in Leeds.

William Verity served on the Committee of the Fine Art Department of the great Yorkshire Exhibition of Arts and Manufactures in 1875. He presumably bought the jug, which we know was excavated by T.B. Sandwith, from this exhibition.

For a time the…

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