Pootling Along on a Summer Breeze

Androula's Kitchen - Cyprus on a Plate

The headline sounds a bit toad of Toad Hall ( Wind in the Willows ) but that sort of sums up my past few days. We have been lucky enough down in the south of England to have had good weather the past week or so, yes good weather you heard me right. The sun has shone and that has meant that outside beckons. It has been a mixture of chores and pleasure that have captured my attention, mostly chores sadly but when the sun is shining everything is more enjoyable. I have been doing a bit of house maintenance and a bit of gardening both at home and at our community garden. It’s always a busy time this part of the year and especially so this year as we have been trying to catch up after the awful Spring weather. I’m in charge of the onion family, so that’s:…

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Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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