Creative innovation and happiness for a Brave New World

The Kids University at ARTos Foundation returns this summer with an exciting two-week workshop

A response to the need for children to develop their creative and critical thinking and to provide them with valuable knowledge and inspiration. The Kids University at ARTos Foundation is a non-formal education workshop that is addressed to children aged 6-11 years old which will take place from the 25th of June to the 5th of July 2013.

“When the mind is made to work within a given framework, to commit to certain rules, it is very difficult to take a creative leap, to carry out combinations that open new horizons. We probably need to cultivate in children the elements that make us human. And these are not so much memory as originality and inventiveness, not so much speed as fantasy, not so much predetermined as unexpected, not so much square logic as creative absurdity. After all, what characterizes creative geniuses is not knowledge, nor memory, nor specialization. It is, among others, play and the ability to connect elements from different cognitive areas.” Eugene Trivizas

The goal for this Kids University “Brave New World: A guide of survival, creative innovation and happiness”, is to help the young participants to learn how to re-invent and re-design, to become creative with their city and to appropriate and transform public spaces. The workshop aims to encourage children to become citizens with a social consciousness, creative and innovative minds and to be free thinkers.

– Now wouldn’t it be nice if this program could be also adapted for adults, I’m sure they’d have a long waiting list of people awaiting to unlearn, and relearn how to reach their more creative inner side.

For more information: on the Artos Foundation and it’s programmed events


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Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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