Trowelblazing and amphora handle

Ancient Cypriot art in Leeds

I’m very pleased to have a guest post on the Trowelblazers blog. It’s a brilliant site, designed to ‘reset imaginations’ by celebrating women’s contributions to archaeology, palaeontology and geology (you can read their manifesto here). I’m delighted to have made a small contribution to this agenda through my micro-blog on Virginia Grace, who was indomitable in investigating and cataloguing stamped amphora handles, primarily at the Athens Agora, but also working on collections across the world. What really impresses me is that she saw the potential in the subject and grew it from small beginnings to a valuable source of evidence in all kinds of contexts, including the Antikythera shipwreck. For more information, I recommend the excellent biography by Sara Immerwahr.

I came across Virginia Grace while researching an amphora handle in the Leeds City Museum Cypriot collection.

Amphora handles tend to be interesting not so much for…

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