Marvel Paphos Mosaic Series with passion for the classics

A unique opportunity to travel in time, as well as the present, to observe the current state of unique treasures of Art and Archeology in Paphos

The David Allsop Classics, gives us today through the ‘Paphos Mosaic Series‘ a deeper understanding and appreciation through the elaboration of David’s mosaic series. We invite you to explore for yourselves each and every section through this summary page. Some restoration work has been undertaken in order to preserve the pieces. Thankfully, there is only a few areas of irreparable damage and as such it is possible to obtain an overall sense of what it once looked like.


Scylla: Paphos Mosaic Series



Poseidon & Amymone

Thisbe and Pyramos

Apollo and Daphne


About David Allsop :
A postgraduate student studying Ancient History and Classical Studies with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, undertaking these studies via distance learning whilst working as an Operations Manager for Birmingham City University.

I really enjoy the work I do, however, my passion has always been the study of classics.


About Cyprus.Diversecity

Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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    Have a passion for travel? Marvel this!
    The Paphos Mosaic Series with passion for the classics. A collation of posts by David Allsop on the richness of Art and Archeology that can be experienced today in Paphos.

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