Great news for the collection

Ancient Cypriot art in Leeds

The University of Leeds ancient Cypriot collection is currently in storage, and hasn’t received conservation attention for some time – probably not since the repairs made by Mr A.M. Woodward, Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History, almost exactly a century ago. Thanks to the generosity of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, the Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange and the Department of Classics, this is about to change.

Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society

Over the coming months, Emma Bowron, Conservator at Leeds City Museums, will be carrying out conservation work on the collection, including some much-needed cleaning! This will pave the way for the collection to go on temporary display at the Leeds City Museum and the University, before finding a new home in the Department of Classics. I’m planning a range of outreach activities to go with these displays, and am looking forward to sharing the collection…

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