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Travel is like crafting a path to enduring experiences from explorations and connecting with destinations. In this aspect, your travels are treasures. Cyprus is a destination inextricably linked to idea of summer vacations, the freedom to reconnect with vitality. As such, we make extensive an invitation for you to freely make Cyprus your own treasure. On your next visit to Cyprus, this time, it's for you to feel.

Great news for the collection

Originally posted on Ancient Cypriot art in Leeds:
The University of Leeds ancient Cypriot collection is currently in storage, and hasn’t received conservation attention for some time – probably not since the repairs made by Mr A.M. Woodward, Lecturer in Classics…

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Mail travel advice to Cyprus that sucks

Originally posted on Travel Freely:
Go on! Follow the Mail travel advice and be a sucker, just to be on the cheap side of things. One reason is that you can’t fly there direct from the UK, but have to…

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Trowelblazing and amphora handle

Originally posted on Ancient Cypriot art in Leeds:
I’m very pleased to have a guest post on the Trowelblazers blog. It’s a brilliant site, designed to ‘reset imaginations’ by celebrating women’s contributions to archaeology, palaeontology and geology (you can read…

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Inspired by sharing

The culture that is shared is that which builds community. We’ve been following the Creative Commons movement for quite a while and their essence is inspiring. What does it mean for you? [

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