La préservation du patrimoine culturel – une lutte sans fin

Blog Re-Post: un témoignage pour Chypre

Le gouvernement néerlandais a saisi quatre icônes volées à un monastère dans le nord de Chypre et les remettra aux autorités chypriotes, selon Walk of Truth, une organisation qui milite pour la préservation du patrimoine culturel.

“Les Pays-Bas devraient être félicités pour cela”, a déclaré Tasoula Hadjitofi, fondatrice du Walk of Truth.

Voir: Press Release restoration of artistic artefacts to Cyprus
Les icônes du 16ème siècle dépeignant les quatre apôtres, évalués à environ 200.000 dollars, ont été prises depuis le monastère médiéval Antiphonitis en 1975. Les efforts juridiques de l’Eglise de Chypre pour récupérer les icônes ont échoué en 2002 après sept ans. Un changement dans la législation néerlandaise en 2007 a ​​permis au gouvernement de saisir les œuvres d’art. Une icône du 16ème siècle représentant Saint-Marc, l’un d’une série de quatre icônes dérobées dans un monastère du nord de Chypre lors l’invasion turque en 1974.

Lire la suitepour CHYPRE: Des icônes dérobées saisies par le gouvernement néerlandais retournent à Chypre

Á suivre: Press Release restoration of artistic artefacts to Cyprus

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Transforming entrepreneurship yet again

Open Cyprus in Europe

Transforming investment mechanisms for sustaining innovation and entrepreneurship: creating community as a FutureBridge

FutureBridge in Cyprus is a new social venture.

As pioneers we will seek to create the conditions that will nurture innovation, support enterprise and facilitate investment.  To do this we will engage an international community to build a £10 million endowment, manage these funds, support innovators to develop their ideas and apply the returns to finance their ideas.

Taking a hard look at entrepreneurship, making it social, the aim is quite considerate of certain disruption required for achieving sustainable development:

What is been done

  • Mapped what worked and what doesn’t through an asset based approach to development.
  • Recognised the talent and capacities which exist across an international and truly pan-Cypriot community and we understand the change required.
  • Cooperated, collaborated and designed solutions with others to support innovators. We will influence the system based on what we learn…

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The earth is full: scarcity and abundance thinking

Philosophy for change


‘Take care! Hot noontide sleeps upon the fields. Do not sing! Soft! The world is perfect’.

~Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

It may be the gloomiest TED talk ever. In 2012, the Australian environmentalist Paul Gilding stood before a packed house at Long Beach, California, and explained how a catastrophic economic crisis is inevitable. Gilding calls it The Great Disruption. Gilding’s choice of title reflects his optimistic view that our societies can navigate this crisis and emerge renewed on the other side. If this optimism is misplaced, we’re facing The Great Collapse. The crisis, Gilding explains, is being ‘triggered by humanity passing the limits of the earth’s capacity to provide cheap resources, especially soil, climate and water’. Gilding cites the research of the Global Footprint Network, which calculates that we need 1.5 planet Earths to sustain the global economy at its current levels. With a business as usual mindset…

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Marvel Paphos Mosaic Series with passion for the classics

A unique opportunity to travel in time, as well as the present, to observe the current state of unique treasures of Art and Archeology in Paphos

The David Allsop Classics, gives us today through the ‘Paphos Mosaic Series‘ a deeper understanding and appreciation through the elaboration of David’s mosaic series. We invite you to explore for yourselves each and every section through this summary page. Some restoration work has been undertaken in order to preserve the pieces. Thankfully, there is only a few areas of irreparable damage and as such it is possible to obtain an overall sense of what it once looked like.


Scylla: Paphos Mosaic Series



Poseidon & Amymone

Thisbe and Pyramos

Apollo and Daphne


About David Allsop :
A postgraduate student studying Ancient History and Classical Studies with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, undertaking these studies via distance learning whilst working as an Operations Manager for Birmingham City University.

I really enjoy the work I do, however, my passion has always been the study of classics.

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Buffer Zone in the Historic Centre of Nicosia among 7 most endangered Europa Nostra Heritage Sites

The 7 Most Endangered for 2013 were selected by Europa Nostra’s Board from the 14 sites shortlisted by an Advisory Panel composed of international experts.

Buffer Zone in the Historic Centre of Nicosia in CYPRUS
The aftermath of the Cyprus dispute saw the creation of the Nicosia buffer zone in 1974. This area cuts through the historic centre and has disrupted the city’s cohesion for almost 40 years. Decades of abandonment have undermined the high architectural value of the buildings, among which are medieval and neoclassical monuments, and had a devastating impact on the quality of the environment and living conditions of the entire city centre. Once the focal point of crafts and trade, the heart of historic Nicosia is today a lifeless 1.5 km corridor.
Since the 1980, the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities of Nicosia have worked together, with the support of the United Nations, to produce a Master Plan for the revitalisation of the buffer zone. International assistance is today needed to start its implementation by restoring, one by one, the historic buildings located in the Nicosia buffer zone.
This important Master Plan, which is a brilliant example of cultural heritage acting as a catalyst for peace and reconciliation, received a Grand Prix in category research as part of the 2011 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards programme.

The Buffer Zone of the Historic Centre of Nicosia, CYPRUS

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Arteries and The flow of Art in Limassol

Arteries Project

Within the framework of the cultural development of Limassol, The Arteries Foundation is organizing a program of art exhibitions that lead to a rediscovery of the old town center. This innovative project presents young artists, who are given the opportunity to display their works in various outdoors and indoors spaces in the historical center of Limassol town.

With the guidance of a map, that portrays the exhibition spaces, the visitors will enjoy an unusual journey around the old town of Limassol. This will provide them with the unique opportunity to come in contact with the contemporary artistic creation, and form a platform for discussion and communication around the arts.

The project is symbolically called Arteries. Arteries are connected with the heart and bring life into the body; similarly our art map leads to the heart of Limassol and revives it.

The main objectives of the Arteries project are firstly to encourage and provide opportunities for artists to promote their work, to emphasize the dynamics of contemporary artistic production.

A highlight of art and creation in the formation of Limassol’s modern identity and cultural life.
Arteries Limassol

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Trowelblazing and amphora handle

Ancient Cypriot art in Leeds

I’m very pleased to have a guest post on the Trowelblazers blog. It’s a brilliant site, designed to ‘reset imaginations’ by celebrating women’s contributions to archaeology, palaeontology and geology (you can read their manifesto here). I’m delighted to have made a small contribution to this agenda through my micro-blog on Virginia Grace, who was indomitable in investigating and cataloguing stamped amphora handles, primarily at the Athens Agora, but also working on collections across the world. What really impresses me is that she saw the potential in the subject and grew it from small beginnings to a valuable source of evidence in all kinds of contexts, including the Antikythera shipwreck. For more information, I recommend the excellent biography by Sara Immerwahr.

I came across Virginia Grace while researching an amphora handle in the Leeds City Museum Cypriot collection.

Amphora handles tend to be interesting not so much for…

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Media Buffer Zone Project – Raising Capacities of Civil Society for the Production of Multimedia in Cyprus, the Middle East and South East Europe

The Peace Exchange

As a follow up to winning the audience award for best project idea at the Power of One Conference held in Nicosia, Cyprus in October 2012, the Media Buffer Zone Project team was invited to present and workshop their innovative project at the “POINT2013 – Political Accountability and New Technologies Conference” held in Sarajevo 23-26 May 2013.


Now you may be asking yourself what does this prestigious “unconference” featuring many fascinating speakers such as UZROK from Serbia, Milica Begović of UNDP-Montenegro, “The Facebook Girl of Egypt”, Esraa Abdel Fattah and the famed Amira Yahyaoui of Al Bawsala from Tunisia have to do with a group of committed activists from the MENA region, Cyprus and Central Europe who want to provide media skills trainings to NGOs and develop an Internet platform linking media talent to civil society have to do with this group of incredible entrepreneurs? Well, more than…

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Limni Bay development not at any price

To the Cyprus Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Socratis Hasikos & the Shacolas Group

Stop the environmental encroachment for development of THE LIMNI SITE by the golf course and villas complex

Petition | Cyprus Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Socratis Hasikos : Stop the development of THE LIMNI SITE for the golf course and villas complex |

cyprus polis turtle nesting

Environment Commissioner, Ioanna Panayiotou, condemns the destructive interference in Polis and urges the Minister of Interior, Socrates Hasikou with political decision to seek an immediate end to the destruction and restore the area to its original condition. As stated in the Environment Commissioner, the area was declared protected under the European Natura 2000 –

See more at: Commissioner of the Environment

The prolonged Work in Cyprus for ensuring Turtle survival in Akamas


About the Limni Development Project by Shacolas Group

Social and economic benefits The Shacolas Group envisages creating an iconic resort, a tourist-enriching development that will attract high-end visitors and golf enthusiasts, which is also an objective of the Cyprus government. The project, as it is being proposed, is expected to yield multiple economic and social benefits both for the communities in the broader area of Polis but also for Cyprus in general. The project‟s construction and design will create hundreds of jobs, while more than 1000 permanent staff will be required to run it once it is operational. The project will also encourage the growth of small to medium sized businesses in the area to cater to its extended and multi-faceted needs. Moreover, it will yield significant revenues for the government in the form of income tax, VAT, tourist and other taxes, as well as revenues for the local municipality and the surrounding communities.

It is a project with multiple benefits for Cyprus but with no mention to the need for preservation and Biodiversity needs of the area.

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Creative innovation and happiness for a Brave New World

The Kids University at ARTos Foundation returns this summer with an exciting two-week workshop

A response to the need for children to develop their creative and critical thinking and to provide them with valuable knowledge and inspiration. The Kids University at ARTos Foundation is a non-formal education workshop that is addressed to children aged 6-11 years old which will take place from the 25th of June to the 5th of July 2013.

“When the mind is made to work within a given framework, to commit to certain rules, it is very difficult to take a creative leap, to carry out combinations that open new horizons. We probably need to cultivate in children the elements that make us human. And these are not so much memory as originality and inventiveness, not so much speed as fantasy, not so much predetermined as unexpected, not so much square logic as creative absurdity. After all, what characterizes creative geniuses is not knowledge, nor memory, nor specialization. It is, among others, play and the ability to connect elements from different cognitive areas.” Eugene Trivizas

The goal for this Kids University “Brave New World: A guide of survival, creative innovation and happiness”, is to help the young participants to learn how to re-invent and re-design, to become creative with their city and to appropriate and transform public spaces. The workshop aims to encourage children to become citizens with a social consciousness, creative and innovative minds and to be free thinkers.

– Now wouldn’t it be nice if this program could be also adapted for adults, I’m sure they’d have a long waiting list of people awaiting to unlearn, and relearn how to reach their more creative inner side.

For more information: on the Artos Foundation and it’s programmed events

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