Cyprus Wildlife to Express itself on Film – Your Project

The project ‘Our Island’ – “αυτό το νησί μας” is a true expression of gratitude towards the natural virtues of an island which is valued and treasured.

A natural essence that gracefully accepts the love given back to it.

Cyprus Our Island Treasured

This is not about tourism promotion or video virality, it’s articulating the cultural basis for inspiring change in values and appreciation, in an expressive art form.

Consider contributing to making the project a reality, you’ll thank yourself for it – Join Us On Indiegogo – the Platform that supports creators in funding their collective endeavours.

“OUR ISLAND” – CYPRUS NATURE & WILDLIFE FILM (PRESENTATION) from Evgenios Zosimov (Raybox Studio) on Vimeo.

More about Our Island

“Our Island” is a collaborative initiative led by video producer Evgenios Zosimov to create a viral mini series that will later be combined into a fully featured nature & wildlife documentary focusing around the island of Cyprus.

A unique focus on the wildlife on the small island of Cyprus, that would derive into a series of short thematic clips featuring wildlife and nature scenes from the island of Cyprus. The series will be non-narrative, and will be dressed with original musical compositions, in a visual celebration of the beauty that surrounds this island, while reminding us of the fragility of where we live and the species that co-habit and the environment they live in.

The episodes will be aired, online only, one by one as they are completed, and when all thematic schemes are completed we will take all the footage we have collected and create a feature documentary that will cover all areas of the series.

Photo & Film Credit: Our Island, Raybox Studio

Below is a conversational supporting effort online that is on going also the following spaces waiting for you to join:

On VimeoMediterranean Treasure and other groups

On IndiegogoCyprus Wildlife Fim Project

On FacebookOur Island Cyprus Film Series

On Twitter@OurIslandCy


About Cyprus.Diversecity

Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.
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11 Responses to Cyprus Wildlife to Express itself on Film – Your Project

  1. What a refreshing idea. This side of Cyprus should be shown to more people. There is such a rich diversity to be appreciated. Good luck with the project.

    • Time of now of the essence, as much as it has ever been. People collectively now have the tools to empower our personal visions and most desired proyects. Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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    This is a fabulous project please watch the video it’s a treat and support it if you can.

  3. blogcyeu says:

    Reblogged this on Open Cyprus in Europe and commented:
    Cyprus, Go Wild!

  4. myriaant says:

    Reblogged this on MyriasWords and commented:
    A refreshing initiative by young people who love their island and want to “show off” and remind us of what it has to offer. Keep filiming….

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  6. geo29 says:

    Reblogged this on Cyprus, I love you and commented:
    Amazing site!

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